Signature Foundation & Finisher and Tenacious Top Coat


Signature Foundation & Finisher and Tenacious Top Coat! A system that will prolong the life of your mani/pedi!

Get the long wear you’re looking for without the harsh chemicals with our 8+-free Signature Foundation & Finisher! This product is a great natural nail base coat that seals in your color and your top coat.  Plus, a top coat that not only saves your mani/pedi but doesn’t have any harsh chemicals? Sounds too good to be true, but our system delivers.  Natural manicure products have never looked, and felt so good!

-For use, apply the Signature Foundation & Finisher as a natural nail base coat and moisture barrier before you apply your Brilliance color coats and Tenacious top coat. Then seal the look by applying a finishing coat of Signature Foundation and Finisher after your top coat for added durability.

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