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Stronger than common hand sanitizers at 85% Ethyl Alcohol! Our Clean Squirt hand & surface sanitizer is made to meet the upper end of the sanitizing levels recommended by W.H.O., CDC and the FDA to help reduce bacteria and viruses that can cause disease.  No bad odor. 500+ squirts per bottle! This is a liquid and can be used on hands and surfaces. Made in the USA. 


What is this product made of? Pure 85% Ethyl Alcohol & purified water. It is a liquid and can be used on non-porous surfaces as well as hands.  The CDC, W.H.O., and FDA all recommend Ethyl Alcohol (aka Ethanol) be used as the main ingredient in hand sanitizer at a minimum of 60%. 

Do you make the 99.5% Clean Squirt any longer? We no longer produce the 99.5% Ethyl Alcohol Clean Squirt. 

Where is your company located? We are a family-owned and operated business located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, USA. 

What else does your company make? Our specialty is nontoxic, waterborne nail polish.  We do our own manufacturing, here in the US! Join the natural beauty revolution and check out our beautiful variety of polish shades in our collections or product pages.

How soon will my order ship? We are working hard to get your order out of our doors within 24 hours, while our supplies last. 

Your price seems high for 2 oz, why is that? Clean Squirt is made without any gel fillers, it's pure Ethyl Alcohol diluted to effective germ-killing levels with purified water. Our bottles are heavy glass with high-quality pumps (they are reusable!). The bottle contains roughly 200 applications for average-sized hands! We are a family-owned and operated company and we pay our employees fair wages here in Pennsylvania.  Lastly, we overpack your order for added protection (we do not profit on shipping charges!) Please email us with any questions!