Get the most out of your Brilliance manicure!

February 16, 2020

Get the most out of your Brilliance manicure!

Tips and tricks for a beautiful Brilliance manicure!

When polishing your nails with Brilliance nontoxic nail polish you’ll find the steps aren’t much different than using solvent-based nail polish (the toxic & stinky stuff). Below we emphasize some key tips that will help Brilliance reach its optimal performance. 

Start clean & dry!

After filing, buffing and shaping your nails, WASH your hands well with soap and water. If you have a nail scrub brush use it on your nail beds. If your manicure includes any oils, like cuticle oil, make sure it is completely washed off. After washing, dry hands with a clean towel, then do not touch your nails! (We don’t want any oils from your fingers on the nail bed.) When nails are dry, wipe each nail with an alcohol-based nail prep or a cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol.

Use the system!

Start your brilliance manicure with our Signature Foundation & Finisher. Just one quick coat on each nail. Its patented technology has a big impact on chip resistance and the overall performance of ANY polish.

Wrap the tip!

Apply two or three coats of polish for a perfect finish. Allow each coat to dry before the next. Make sure you are running the polish along the front edge of your nail, a manicurist will call this “capping the free edge”.

Brilliance dries quickly on its own but if you’re in a hurry use a blow dryer on the cool setting, or a fan to speed the drying process.

Final Steps!

Use our Tenacious Top Coat for added durability and shine. Tenacious Top Coat goes on milky but will dry beautifully clear. When your topcoat has dried, apply a quick final coat of Signature Foundation & Finisher to finish your Brilliance manicure! 

Didn't purchase our Signature Foundation & Finisher or Tenacious Topcoat? Use this code for 20% off them today! Code: manicure20 

Baby it...for a bit.

You put the time in to create this beautiful manicure, now protect it! Just like with any manicure, don't go straight to showering or washing a sink full of dishes. Avoid heavy use of your nails (prying, scraping, using your nails as tools!) until your polish is cured. If you follow the above tips and allow Brilliance to cure for a few hours without damaging the manicure, you’ll have fabulous results!!



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