The Dangers of Being Beautiful: Why It’s Important to Teach Beauty Safety at an Early Age

February 21, 2020

The Dangers of Being Beautiful: Why It’s Important to Teach Beauty Safety at an Early Age

One of the biggest rites of passage for young girls is finally getting to wear makeup. They’re eager to learn how to apply eyeshadow and mascara and can’t wait to share their newly learned skills with their BFFs. 

When they’re strolling down the makeup aisle, the only thing on their minds is the variety of colors and products. They don’t give much thought as to the quality and safety of the products they’re putting on their skin — and in many cases, neither do their parents. 

Here’s the dirty truth about the beauty industry: the majority of beauty products contain toxins and harmful ingredients that can have a lasting impact on a person’s health. 

The good news is that not all beauty products are harmful. And the earlier your teens can learn to tell the difference, the more likely they’ll be to make smart, health-conscious beauty choices for the rest of their lives.

What to Avoid in Mainstream Beauty — and Why

When you read the ingredients list of most beauty products, you might feel like you need a degree in consumer chemistry to figure out what’s really in them. That alone should tell you something: synthetic chemicals can’t compare to natural, safe (and easy to pronounce!) ingredients.

While you might not understand what’s on the ingredients list, there are a few terms you’ll want to remember to stay away from:

  • Aluminum in deodorant
  • Fragrance or parfum
  • Parabens (common in lotions and shampoos)
  • Phthalates
  • Toxins in solvent-based nail polishes
  • Makeup from China that may contain lead or asbestos 

These are the most common beauty products used by young girls, and their ongoing exposure to their harmful ingredients can cause skin irritation, allergies, or even more serious issues like cancer, neurological disorders, and reproductive issues

Making the Switch to Safer Beauty Products

It seems like there are more beauty products that contain harmful ingredients than those that don’t. Even worse, you can’t rely on labeling terms like “organic” and “natural” — in the U.S., these terms are essentially meaningless.

That’s why we’re taking the guesswork out of safer beauty products that will appeal to teens’ and their parents’ peace of mind. Shop our collection of Brilliance non-toxic water-based nail polish and other beauty products and make the switch to better beauty!

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